Rob’s Commitment to Buyers

Home ownership is one of the most significant components of our lives. Your home often is the largest single asset you’ll own, and it is the place where you may create memories that last a lifetime. Finding the perfect home where you not only have a solid investment but also a place of comfort and refuge is important. Rob would like to be a part of that decision, so let him help!

There are Many Reasons to Let Rob Guide You

Sorting Through Thousands of Listings

Rob has tools available to cut through the large volume of available homes and tailor finding a home to your most important criteria.


Pointing Out the Good, the Bad and the Ugly

When showing you homes, Rob strives to do so with a critical eye. He isn’t there just to fluff things up or overlook the flaws. He will be at your side to discover both the positives and point out areas of concern.

Paying a Fair Price for Your New Home

Rob can help to assess the value of a home before you even make an offer. Every home has a range of value and Rob’s experience and knowledge of the market will be important tools in helping you make a good investment.


Negotiation and Navigation

Jumping through the hoops of seller expectations and goals can be a challenge. Rob has over 25 years of experience in real estate negotiations and navigating the maze of the home-buying experience.

Paperwork, Paperwork and Paperwork

Did we mention paperwork?  With a firm business background spanning decades, Rob knows the importance of accurate, organized documents!  Producing and presenting a solid set of documents is the beginning of a successful real estate transaction, and managing the transaction documents to closing is vital.


Above and Beyond

Rob strives to always go above and beyond, hope to exceed your expectations through good communication and hard work.  Concluding a transaction successfully, creating lifetime relationships and instilling a sense of JOB WELL DONE are hallmarks of Rob’s commitment to clients.

Keep Calm and Close The Deal

Buying a home can be an emotion-filled, stressful experience. Over the years, Rob has developed the skills to be objective and calm so that stress levels of buyers and sellers–and agents–are reduced, ultimately leading to successful transactions.  Rob takes thoughtful, rational approaches to transactions, and it shows in his long history of satisfied clients.


Ethics, Honesty, Professionalism, Hard Work

Rob has a reputation for his ethical, honest and professional approach to real estate–and he has never been afraid of hard work.  At the same time, his sense of humor and ability to roll with the punches go a long way in making a lasting connection with clients, fellow agents and the vast array of individuals involved in a real estate transaction.